Empowering your financial journey, one Transaction at a time

Finance Portal is an online enabler that seeks to make financial products and services accessible to both individuals and companies.

The Company

Finance Portal was founded in 2020, and its parent company Ultimate Holdings has raised over R12,7 billion ($670 million) for clients. The company has partnered with a wide range of companies in the financial sector that provide funding and insurance products etc, through Finance Portal’s processes, our partners provide the end product.

Our company links clients with qualified financial service providers and information shared on this platform will be shared with them. Finance Portal seeks to find the best deal for our clients.


Make funding accessible broadly, even to those who struggle to attain it.
Reduce the turnaround time of business transactions.
Meeting place for Investors and Financiers with Entrepreneurs and Deal Makers.
Demystify Business Financing, Investments and Cryptocurrency.
Eliminate bias in the finance sector, refocus decision making on the merit of a deal.
Centralize Vetting and ‘electronic’ Due Diligence.

The Ultimate Finance Portal for Financial Accessibility

Finance Portal is owned by Ultimate Holdings and it works with Stars Aligned Finance in insurance brokerage.


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